HSE Excellence.
The single most important aim we have.
Profit, speed, convenience, competitive edge - in today’s market, there are many pressures on a terminal facility.

However at Calidiris Bv, safety is non-negotiable. Nothing is allowed to take priority over the well-being of our people or the environments in which we work. To this end we have an HSE Policy, with a clear and uniform set of standards that apply to all of our terminal facilities worldwide.

Achieving zero accidents & incidents is not a goal, but a way of thinking

Calidiris Bv firmly commits to providing all stakeholders with a sound and effective operational framework focusing on safety and occupational health, environmental protection, sustainability, reliability and quality.

Our way of operating is defined by the Calidiris Bv Way and the Core Qualities:
  • Our Dynamic Strategy for HSE is based on positivity: presenting solutions rather than vetoes, and encouragement and learning rather than blame, all to ensure safety for all

  • Our people consider their own safety and that of their colleagues as well as protecting our environment as their highest priority

  • In HSE we need individuals that dare to leave their comfort zone, invest in assessing possible risks and making well considered decisions in order to reduce these to the minimum in thorough risk evaluation to keep their colleagues safe and productive

  • We continuously share best practices and lessons learned to keep our people and our environments safe. We bring a fresh pair of eyes and help improving the performance of the terminals (and our people)

  • As Calidiris Bv employees, we are owners of our own safety and well-being as well as of that of everyone around us. We embrace our Life Saving Rules, in spirit as well as in the letter, actively promoting excellent HSE performance and a sustainable way of operating

  • We ensure we minimize our impact on the environment and conduct our operations as sustainable and efficient as possible

They could have been avoided.

A constant drive for improvement

Pursuing improvement in HSE is a journey without an end. No terminal can ever be ‘too safe’, and nor can our operations tread too lightly.

For this reason, every operational and environmental action we take is governed by Calidiris Bv Integrated HSE Management Manual. This sets out the standards we must work to, and the activities we have designed to realise our goal of continuous improvement.
At every site, activities include:

  1. Operational Auditing (Process Safety Audits)
  2. Safety Council Meetings
  3. Emergency Exercises
  4. Crisis Communications