Calidiris Bv stores a wide variety of liquid bulk products and gasses.

Calidiris Bv offers a reliable, first class service for oil storage, liquid product, gasses and a high level of expertise in sourcing, logistics, hedging and product knowledge. If you are in a partnership with Calidiris Bv regarding cargo supply you will benefit from our high level of flexibility and expertise.

Those products are classified in four groups: oil products, chemicals and LPG, biofuels, and LNG. We also offer additional handling services at our terminals. Examples of these are blending two products, mixing additives into a product, applying a nitrogen blanket on top of a product to push out oxygen, heating or cooling products and loading or unloading ships, railcars and trucks. At many locations, we can also assist our customers with customs formalities and documentation.

In general, one customer rents one tank for one product during the contract period. However, we also apply co-mingled tank storage, where multiple customers use a similar capacity for a product, provided that the product specification is equal and customers agree on this optimization mechanism. When properly cleaned when changing products, some tanks can be used for multiple products which provide flexibility in storage capacity. The wide variety of liquid bulk products that we can store attracts customers that produce or trade more than one type of product.

We offer customized solutions for logistics supported by a first-class fleet counting more than 45 vessels in our group-owned company. This ensures reliable and flexible operation with an independent position in comparison with the general cargo market.

Oil Storage

Chemical Storage

Bio Fuels and LNG Storage

Shore Tank Leasing

We lease tank storage facilities of different types and storage capacities for receiving and storing different kind of crude oil and oil product in different various industrial port of the Russian Federation and other ports in Europe & Asia

Physical Storage

We operates more than 950.000 CUM of physical storage placed in Rotterdam containing fuel oil, gasoil and other distillates. The storage capacity provides us with a unique possibility to secure sourcing for fast and reliable supplies to your advantage

Product Expertise & Customized Logistics

Our product expertise is especially focussed on fuel oil, auto diesel, heating oil, gasoil, marine gasoil (MGO), marine gasoil (DMA), F75, F76, JET-A1, F35 Jet, F54, F44, RMD-80 and bitumen.